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About Us

We are a bunch of youngsters with trade secret to provide the most comprehensive job listings for freshers. We are confident and we are working towards it. There are lakhs of fresher/experienced desperately struggling to get a job. Are we professionals? Yes, we are.With wide experience in Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Education, Core-engineering, Information Technology & Placement Assistance we admit that professional education contributes to the listings of this job site. Common sense complements it. Job site is an incubate at Startup Village, Kochi- one of the promoters being Government of India.What motivates us? One of the founders of the site was indirectly (accidently) involved in getting a secured job for a youth. Student came to thank him. Experience for the founder was like - hairs in his body stood up!. Gradually it became a calling... Jobs are sacred, jobs are the anchor of life. Without jobs, you drift! Best wishes, Sacredjobs.com Team.